Our Teams

Administrative Team

Danielle Hendry, Principal of MySchool@Kent
Holly Anderson, Administrative Assistant                                                             

Counseling Services

Deborah VanDyke  
Mary Moore   
Ed Steenbergen 
Tam Cnossen (Teacher Consultant)                                                                                                          Judy Davis (Teacher Consultant)
Kat Welton (Social Worker)

Coaching and Intervention Support

Jan Finkel (Coach for MyMiddleSchool@Kent/KIH students)                                                          Rodney Riley (Coach for MySchool@Kent/SuccessLink students)                                                        Talibah Sawyer (Coach/Interventionist)
Elizabeth Schafer (Coach for MySchool@Kent campus students with last name M-Z)
Theresa Truax  (Coach for MySchool@Kent campus students with last name A-L)                               

Registrar Support

Bonnie Lewis & Emilee Ryder  

Instructional Staff (Face-to-Face and Online)

Ben Bell, English Language Arts  
Al Harris, Mathematics 
Douglas Hicks, Social Studies 
Kellie Murray, Science

Matt Reda, English Language Arts & Social Studies                                                                                  Marcy Toporski, Middle School

Online Instructional Staff

Kristen Outwater, Spanish   
Amy Smith, French