ART Resources

Art Daily - an internet-based media company built like an online newspaper.

Artcyclopedia  - an online database of museum-quality fine art which indexes 2,900 art sites, links to 160,000 works by 9,000 artists.

College & Career prep resources

KnowHow2Go - helps setup steps to get from high school to college.

FAFSA  - Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Fastweb - match your talents to available scholarships - up to $3Billion available!

Spanish & FRENCH Resources

Spanish Blog  - free video Spanish lessons.

Fixoodle   -a social language learning site where you can make friends, get translations, fix your errors and more.

Pictolang - image-based flashcard games for language learners.

Translator   - free online translator.

Health Resources

BMI  - calculate your body mass index.

Web MD  - get medical related questions answered. Symptoms/ Facts/ Statistics/ Talk to a doctor/ Diagnosis. 

My Fitness Pal  - a free online calorie counter and diet plan. Lose weight, find nutrition facts, monitor caloric intake and more.

Music Resources

Tonic Tutor   - free online music games.