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All of our classes meet state and national standards and are taught by Michigan-certified instructors. We are fully accredited so the credits also meet college entrance requirements.

Core courses are generally full-year classes worth 1.0 credit and are scheduled for students in 1/2 credit or semester formats. For example, a full year of Algebra is offered as Algebra A and Algebra B, each worth 0.5 credits. Most elective and non-core classes are a semester or 0.5 credit classes.

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Math Foundations I
Math Foundations II
Introductory Algebra
Algebra I *
Algebra II*
Calculus AB*
Integrated Math I
Integrated Math II
Financial Literacy
Liberal Arts Math
Mathematics of Personal Finance
Probability and Statistics
Statistics *
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Science Foundations
Intro to Ecology
Earth Science *
Physical Science *
Biology *
Chemistry *
Physics *
Psychology *
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English Foundations I
English Foundations II
9th Grade through 12th Grade English:

  • English I: Introduction to Literature and Composition *
  • English II: Critical Reading and Effective Writing *
  • English III: American Literature *
  • English IV: British and World Literature *

English Language and Composition *
English Literature and Composition *
Creative Writing
Media Literacy
Reading Skills and Strategies
Writing Skills and Strategies
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Social Studies

Geography and World Cultures *
World History *
U.S. History to the Civil War *
U.S. History since the Civil War *
U.S. Government and Politics *
U.S. and Global Economics *
Macroeconomics *
Microeconomics *
Multicultural Studies
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World Languages

French I
French II
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish Language *
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College and Career Preparation I
College and Career Preparation II
Art Appreciation
Music Appreciation
Physical Education
Skills for Health
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* Classes with an asterisk indicate this is also available as either an honors class and/or an Advanced Placement class.

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*See a counselor if you need additional elective credit

* Classes with an asterisk indicate this is also available as either an honors class and/or an Advanced Placement class.

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