Blended Learning Instructor

Al HarrisAl Harris was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Grand Valley State, and a masters in School Counseling from Western Michigan University. Al enjoys traveling, spending time with family, serving at church, and learning new things. He strongly believes that every child can learn!



Below is a list of web-based resources that are helpful to students who need additional assistance with their mathematics coursework.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy contains web-based video tutorials and learning activities designed to help students learn, practice, and master mathematics concepts.

Mr. Fox's YouTube Channel
This YouTube channel contains a variety of mathematics video tutorials that were created by Jackson Fox.

SAS Curriculum Pathways
The SAS Curriculum Pathways website has several tutorials and learning activities to help students understand and master many mathematics concepts. To log in, students will use the user name fine9object; no password is required to access the site.