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Our Academic Success Coaches help online students stay on track and motivated. Parent and student studyingTheir role is to ensure that each student can reach their progress benchmarks and complete classes on time.

Parents receive weekly progress reports via email. These reports show summary and detailed progress information for all the courses a student is actively enrolled in or has recently completed. This includes course averages, activity scores, on-time information, and time spent in the course. These reports are also sent back to the guidance counselor at your student's sending school. 

These updates will give you a snapshot as to how your student is doing and any other information that might be beneficial to your student's online success. We have also created a guide to Becoming a Successful Online Parent. This document will give you tips to help your student succeed form the start.

If at any point you have questions or concerns about your student’s progress, please reach out to your student’s coach. They will be happy to help.

Why Online Learning and Is it right for my student?

Online learning is new to many students and Michigan Virtual University has produced a parent guide to help answer these questions. Read the Parent Guide to Online Learning for more information.



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