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Mission: Provide an engaging world-class blended learning environment that provides flexibility and support to all students.

MySchool@Kent is a real, local school with genuine credits and a local diploma, but designed for you, by you. The school is student-centered and teacher-driven featuring online instruction with extensive support. It's flexible, rigorous and personalized...but you're not all alone.

You'll have lots of support and help when you need it. With the flexibility provided, you can pursue your interests, volunteer, explore careers, or finish high school early and start college.  You can even connect through MySchool@Kent back to the local high school for music, art, electives, after-school activities or sports. more

MySchool@Kent is a service provided by Kent Intermediate School District (KISD). KISD's mission and goals.

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Enroll in MySchool@Kent

If you'd like to be considered for this program, just print off and fill out the
PDF DocumentEnrollment Request Form. Take it to your local high school (in your district of residence) and ask the counselor to assist you.   

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End of the first trimester

The end of the first trimester is approaching for students from Caledonia, Lowell, Rockford, and Godfrey-Lee. Each school sets their own term dates and here they are for these schools:

Caledonia: 2nd tri begins 11/30 and 3rd begins: 3/4

Godgrey-Lee: 2nd tri begins 12/7 and 3rd tri begins 3/14

Lowell: 2nd tri begins 11/30 and 3rd tri begins 3/14

Rockford: 2nd tri begins 11/23 and 3rd tri begins 3/5

Unique Hybrid School Offers Success
The hybrid school, MySchool@Kent, developed by Kent ISD and local superintendents, started in 2012 with about 100 students and has grown to about 400 this year. Read Full Article