Becoming a Successful Online Parent

We believe that each student can be given opportunities to thrive in an educational setting that works for them. Too often, parents and students have heard, “No, that’s not something we can do.” At MySchool@Kent, we strive to say, “Yes, that’s possible!” as often as we can. Attending our hybrid program may be the right step for your student. For your student to be as successful as possible, not only do they need to put in the work, you do as well.

Since the inception of MySchool@Kent, we have seen over 2,000 students go through our program. While every student is unique, some attributes remain consistent from child to child. Support at home will be one of the critical factors for your student to earn or recover credits to graduate.

Attributes of a Successful Online Parent

Communicate with the Coach

  • Keep in contact with the success coach that is assigned to your student. They will also communicate with you to share your student’s progress, wins and challenges.

Encourage Student Communication

  • Teachers and coaches are available to help throughout the week – and often on the weekends. When your student says, “I’m stuck,” encourage them to email or text for help.

Create a Study Area at Home

  • Quiet, comfortable areas will help your student. We strongly suggest the study area be visible to you as they learn how to self-pace through their lessons. Self-motivation is a skill that’s learned!

Establish a Routine

  • Our studies show that a routine at home creates the time needed to stay on track. Our program requires strong time management skills. Create a routine that fits your schedule at the start.

Use the Pacing Guides

  • Where should your student be? How much work should be done? Pacing guides help keep your student on target by week, month and trimester/semester.

Check Student’s Work

  • Check their progress and review their Sunday Progress Report. Need access? Ask your student’s coach.

Encourage All the Wins

  • It takes time to learn in a different routine – for your student and for you. Self-motivation, time management, and effective communication.

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