How to Enroll

Interested in attending MySchool@Kent during the school year? Follow these steps to get enrolled!

Step 1: Talk to your School Counselor or Administrator

  • If you'd like to explore the options available from this program meet with your current high school counselor (in your district of residence) and ask the counselor to assist you.
  • Complete the "Am I Ready?" questionnaire
  • Look at your long term goals, plans, and needs
  • Discuss transportation options with your high school counselor and family

Step 2: School Counselor Submits Online Enrollment Referral

Your sending school counselor:

  • Selects classes and submits online enrollment 
  • Your counselor will email transcripts, 504 plans, and Emergency Medical Plans to our counselor, Deborah VanDyke

For students who have an IEP, sending school teacher consultant:

Step 3: Parent Schedules an Intake Appointment 

You will attend the intake appointment with your parent. 

Step 4: Student Attends Orientation

Referral, intake appointment, permission forms, and medical emergency forms must be completed before a student may attend orientation.

  • At this time, orientation is taking place via Zoom. You will get the link via email.
  • Plan to stay the whole time.
  • Bring your driver's license and plate number if you will need a parking permit
  • Please let us know if you need lunch arrangements

High School - Personalized

MySchool@Kent combines new ways of learning, with the best part of school - the caring relationships. We take instruction and coursework online with a laptop/wireless card for learning anywhere. Plus, you'll experience just-in-time learning, tutoring, and group discussions in our café-style face-to-face learning labs.

Flexible Take courses at the time of day you prefer
Personal Complete high school with us or take just the classes you need to graduate a la carte
On Site Support Our Personal Online and on-campus Instructors and Success Coaches provide the support you need when you need it